Thursday, September 10, 2009

Purpose of this blog and Contributors Wanted

Welcome to PG 2nd Ward Recipes Blog. Any enrichment, cooking class, that awesome party dish or any other recipe that might be of interest will be posted here. This way we can keep a record of the recipes and lots of trees will be saved (it takes lots of paper to print those recipes out).

I, Judy Mangum, will just confess here that I am a horrible blogger. Therefore, anyone who can contribute to this blog will be greatly appreciated. Here are some of the ways you can be a contributor:

1. Send an e-mail of a recipe that you think other sisters would like to and I'll post it here. If you have a picture for the recipe, go ahead and send it too.

2. Take a picture of what you are making for dinner. This is sort of a selfish one. I am really curious about what other people cook for dinner. Short of me showing up at your door step, I would love it if you would take a picture and share with rest of us what you are cooking.

3. Become a regular or when-ever you feel like contributor of this blog. I will add you as one of the author of this blog and you can write a new post whenever you want. Come on, you know you want to.

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